“Rise up”: The full text of Tony Blair’s Open Britain speech on Brexit

“She wants Britain to be a bridge between the EU and the USA. How to begin this worthy undertaking? To get out of Europe thus leaving us with no locus on the terrain where this bridge must be constructed. “We are told that it is high time our capitalism became fairer. And how do we start laying the foundation for such a noble cause? By threatening Europe with a move to a low tax, light regulation economy, the antithesis of that cause. “This jumble of contradictions shows that the PM and the Government are not masters of this situation. “They’re not driving this bus. They’re being driven. And as we pass each milestone so the landscape, in which we are operating, changes not because we have willed the change, but because this is the direction in which the bus is travelling. We will trigger Article 50 not because we now know our destination, but because the politics of not doing so, would alienate those driving the bus. “The surreal nature of the exercise is enhanced by the curious absence of a big argument as to why this continues to be a good idea. “Many of the main themes of the Brexit campaign barely survived the first weekend after the vote. Remember the £350m a week extra for the NHS? Virtually the only practical arguments still advanced – under the general rubric of ‘taking back control’ – are immigration and the European Court of Justice. “On the ECJ, I would defy anyone to be able to recall any decisions which they might have heard of; as opposed to the decisions of the European Court of Human Rights, a non-EU body. “I can honestly say that during all my time as PM there was no major domestic law that I wanted to pass which Europe told me I couldn’t. “It is true ECJ rulings are important on technical issues. “Some business likes; some not. “But no one would seriously argue that the ECJ alone provides a reason for leaving Europe. “Immigration is the issue. “Net immigration into the UK was roughly 335,000 in the year to June 2016. “But just over half was from outside the EU. “I know, in some parts of the country, there is a real concern about numbers from Europe and the pressures placed on services and wages. “However of the EU immigrants, the PM has recently admitted we would want to keep the majority, including those with a confirmed job offer and students. This leaves around 80,000 who come looking for work without a job. “Of these 80,000, a third comes to London, mostly ending up working in the food processing and hospitality sectors. It is highly unlikely that they’re ‘taking’ the jobs of British born people in other parts of the country. “The practical impact of Brexit on immigration is on analysis less than 12% of the immigration total. “And for many people, the core immigration question – and one which I fully accept is a substantial issue -is immigration from non-European countries, especially when from different cultures in which assimilation and potential security threats can be an issue. “Yet this impacted the Brexit decision. “It was Donald Trump who said without the refugees from Syria, ‘you probably wouldn’t have a Brexit.’ It is no coincidence that the infamous immigration poster of Leave was a picture of Mr Farage in front of a line of Syrian people. “Thus, we have moved, in few months, from a debate about what sort of Brexit, involving a balanced consideration of all the different possibilities; to the primacy of one consideration – namely controlling immigration – without any real discussion as to why and when Brexit doesn’t affect the immigration people most care about. “Now we’re told we have to stop debating Brexit and just do it. “Frankly, I would question whether the referendum really provides a mandate for Brexit At Any Cost. “But suppose that it does. “The argument is then that the British people have spoken; we must deliver their will; and we should just ‘get on with it’. “I agree ‘getting on with it’ is a very powerful sentiment, at present the predominant sentiment. “But were we to be true to the concept of Government through British Parliamentary democracy, rather than Government by one-off plebiscite, we would also feel obliged to point out that it isn’t a question of just ‘getting on with it’. This is not a decision that once made is then a mere matter of mechanics to implement. “It is a decision which then begets many other decisions. Every part of this negotiation from money to access to post Brexit arrangements is itself an immense decision with consequence. “If we were in a rational world, we would all the time, as we approach those decisions, be asking: why are we doing this and as we know more of the costs, is the pain worth the gain? “Let us examine the pain. “We will withdraw from the Single Market which is around half of our trade in goods and services. We will also leave the Customs Union, covering trade with countries like Turkey. Then we need to replace over 50 Preferential Trade Agreements we have via our membership of the EU; for instance with Switzerland. So, EU-related trade is actually two thirds of the UK total. This impacts everything from airline travel, to financial services to manufacturing industry, sector by sector. “We will pay for previous EU obligations but not benefit from future opportunities, with figures as high as £60bn as the cost. “We will lose influence in the world’s most significant political union; and have to negotiate on our own on issues like the environment where we presently benefit from Europe’s collective strength. “There is alarm across sectors as diverse as scientific research and culture as European funding is withdrawn. “And all this then to do an intricate re-negotiation of the trading arrangements we have just abandoned. “That negotiation is without precedent in complexity. It is even possible that it fails and we end up trading on WTO rules. “This is in itself another mine field: we would need to negotiate the removal not just of tariff barriers; but the prevention of non-tariff barriers which today are often the biggest impediments to trade and pile costs on business. “This could take years. “Our currency is down around 12% against the Euro and 20% against the dollar, which is the international financial market’s assessment of our future prosperity i.e. we are going to be poorer. The price of imported goods in the supermarkets is up and thus the cost of living. “Of course Britain can and would survive out of the EU. This is a great country, with resilient and creative people. And yes, no one is going to write us off, nor should they. But making the best of a bad job doesn’t alter the fact that it isn’t smart to put yourself in that position unless you have to. “Most extraordinary of all, the two great achievements of British diplomacy of the last decades in Europe, supported by Governments both Labour and Conservative, – namely the Single Market and European Enlargement – are now apparently the two things we most regret and want to rid ourselves of! “The Single Market has been of enormous benefit to the UK bringing billions of pounds of wealth, hundreds of thousands of jobs, and major investment opportunities; our trade with an enlarged European Union has meant for example that trade with Poland has gone from £3bn in 2004 to £13.5bn in 2016. Nations that came out of the Soviet bloc have seen themselves safely within the EU and NATO, so enhancing our own security. “In addition to all this, the possibility of the break-up of the UK – narrowly avoided by the result of the Scottish referendum – is now back on the table, but this time with a context much more credible for the independence case. “We are already seeing the de-stabilising impact of negotiation over border arrangements on the Northern Ireland peace process. “None of this ignores the challenges the country faces which stoked the anger fuelling Brexit: those left behind by globalisation; the aftermath of the financial crisis; stagnant incomes for some families; and for sure the pressures posed by big increases in migration which make perfectly reasonable people anxious and feeling unheard in their anxiety. “I always believe that if the centre ground does not deal with the problems, the extremes can exploit them. “But our duty is to give answers, not ride the anger. “Here is the paradox. “As we go through this unique experiment in diplomatic and economic complexity, the entire focus of the Government is on one issue: Brexit. “This is a Government for Brexit, of Brexit and dominated by Brexit. It is a mono-purpose political entity. “Nothing else truly matters: not the NHS, now in its most severe crisis since its creation; not the real challenge of the modern economy, the new technological revolutions of AI and Big Data; not the upgrade of our education system to prepare people for this new world; not investment in communities left behind by globalisation; not the rising burden of serious crime; or bulging prison populations; or social care; not even, irony of ironies, a genuine policy to control immigration. “Governments’ priorities are not really defined by white papers or words; but by the intensity of focus. “This Government has bandwidth only for one thing: Brexit. It is the waking thought, the daily grind, the meditation before sleep and the stuff of its dreams; or nightmares. “It is obsessed with Brexit because it has to be. “Future historians will be scurrying to investigate the antecedents of these migrants from Europe for whose restraint, we were willing to sacrifice so much. “What will they find – that they were a terrible group of people who threatened the country’s stability? They will find that on the whole they were well behaved, worked hard, paid their taxes and were a net economic benefit. “So what do we do? “The Leave campaign was a coalition, some against Europe for economic reasons; some for cultural reasons. Some were ideological in their opposition; some had done a cost/benefit analysis and concluded better out than in. “We must expose the agenda of the ideologues; and persuade those interested in the cost/benefit ratio. “For the latter, we must – day in day out – articulate the reality: the pain is large and the gain largely illusory. “But the ideologues are the ones driving this bus. “The economic future which could work outside of Europe is exactly the low tax, light regulation, offshore free market hub, with which Mrs May threatens our European neighbours, but which to the Brexit ideologues is a promise of things to come. “Indeed, this is what many in business say they’re being told by Government Ministers, but of course behind the hand, because this is the exact opposite of what the mass of voters are being told when promised a fairer capitalism with a better deal for the workers. “This free market vision would require major re-structuring of the British economy and its tax and welfare system. “It will not mean more money for the NHS but less; actually it probably means a wholesale rebalancing of our healthcare towards one based on private as much as public provision. “It will not mean more protection for workers, but less. “And if that were what we wanted to do as a country, we could do it now. “Europe wouldn’t stop us. “But as of now the British people would, because they wouldn’t vote for it. “So the ideologues know they have to get Brexit first; then tell us this is the only future which works; and by that time they will be right. “In defeating them, we have two major challenges. “There is an effective cartel of media on the right, which built the ramp for pro-Brexit propaganda during the campaign; is now equally savage in its efforts to say it is all going to be ‘great’ and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor or moaner; and who make it very clear to the PM that she has their adulation for exactly as long as she delivers Brexit. “It hugely skews the broadcast coverage. For example, a week ago there was the annual survey of top business bosses of the leading UK companies. Over half said Brexit was already having an adverse effect on their business. And half did not have confidence in the Government negotiating a good deal. “It led the FT. It was barely covered elsewhere. The BBC had it as an item of business news. “Suppose the survey had come to the opposite conclusion. It would have had at least 4 papers headlining it and would therefore have featured prominently on the broadcasts. “The second challenge is the absence of an Opposition which looks capable on the polls of beating the Government. The debilitation of the Labour Party is the facilitator of Brexit. I hate to say that, but it is true. “What this means is that we have to build a movement which stretches across Party lines; and devise new ways of communication. “There are lots of different groups doing great work, Open Britain naturally being one. “These groups must find ways of concerting strategy and tactics effectively. We should begin to create informal links immediately and then build them into a movement with weight and reach. “We need to strengthen the hand of the MPs who are with us and let those against know they have serious opposition to Brexit At Any Cost. “The Institute which I am setting up will play our part. We are creating a policy platform wider than the Europe question. There is an urgent need to re-position the whole debate around globalisation and how we make it work for people. In this sense, the Brexit debate is part of something much bigger. “But developing the arguments around Brexit will be an important element of the Institute’s work. “We need strong links with the rest of Europe. “If our Government were conducting a negotiation which genuinely sought to advance our country’s interests, that negotiation would include the possibility of Britain staying in a reformed Europe. “It is clear the sentiment which led to Brexit is not confined to the UK. There is a widespread yearning for reform across Europe. “Part of our work should be to help build Europe wide alliances to give voice and effect to such an impulse. “So this movement must have many dimensions to it. “It requires arguments of detail; and arguments of grandeur. “The case for Europe remains rooted not in understanding the past but the future. “All over the globe, countries are coming together in regional alliances for a very simple reason. As China rises, as India and other large population countries follow and with the USA already so powerful; so to maintain strength and influence, to defend our interests adequately, nations of our size will cooperate based on proximity. “This is true of the nations of Europe. “But for Europe there is a more profound reason. “The Transatlantic Alliance is needed more than ever; but how much stronger it is with Britain in Europe and Europe an equal partner with America. “Forget the short term electoral politics there or here. “In the long term, this is essentially an alliance of values: liberty, democracy, the rule of law. “As the world changes and opens up across boundaries of nation and culture, which values will govern the 21stC? “Today, for the first time in my adult life, it is not clear that the resolution of this question will be benign. “Britain, because of its history, alliances and character, has a unique role to play in ensuring it is. “How, therefore, can it be wise for us, during this epic period of global evolution, to be focused not on how we build partnerships, but how we dissolve the one to which we are bound by ties of geography, trade, shared values and common interest? “The one incontrovertible characteristic of politics today is its propensity for revolt. “The Brexiteers were the beneficiaries of this wave; now they want to freeze it to a day in June 2016. “They will say the will of the people can’t alter. It can. “They will say Leaving is inevitable. It isn’t. “They will say we don’t represent the people. We do, many millions of them and with determination many millions more. “They will claim we’re dividing the country by making the case. It is they who divide our country – generation from generation, North from South, Scotland from England, those born here from those who came to our country precisely because of what they thought it stood for and what they admired. “This is not the time for retreat, indifference or despair; but the time to rise up in defence of what we believe – calmly, patiently, winning the argument by the force of argument; but without fear and with the conviction we act in the true interests of Britain.” whatsapp Share “I want to be explicit. Yes, the British people voted to leave Europe. And I agree the will of the people should prevail. I accept right now there is no widespread appetite to re-think. “But the people voted without knowledge of the true terms of Brexit. As these terms become clear, it is their right to change their mind. Our mission is to persuade them to do so. Not sure what you think? Here’s the speech in full:Read more: Tony Blair just said he’s not returning to the front line of politics “What was unfortunately only dim in our sight before the referendum is now in plain sight. The road we’re going down is not simply Hard Brexit. It is Brexit At Any Cost. “Our challenge is to expose relentlessly what this cost is, to show how the decision was based on imperfect knowledge which will now become informed knowledge, to calculate in ‘easy to understand’ ways how proceeding will cause real damage to our country; and to build support for finding a way out from the present rush over the cliff’s edge. “I don’t know if we can succeed. But I do know we will suffer a rancorous verdict from future generations if we do not try. “How hideously, in this debate, is the mantle of patriotism abused. We do not argue for Britain in Europe because we are citizens of nowhere. We argue for it precisely because we are proud citizens of our country – Britain – who believe that in the 21st Century, we should maintain our partnership with the biggest political union and largest commercial market on our doorstep; not in diminution of our national interest, but in satisfaction of it. Tony Blair has been absent from British politics for years, now – but today he returned in spectacular style, urging the UK’s population to “rise up” against Brexit.Although some (including former deputy PM Nick Clegg) liked it, the majority of reaction has been that he missed the mark. Emma Haslett whatsapp “Rise up”: The full text of Tony Blair’s Open Britain speech on Brexit Friday 17 February 2017 10:14 am “Consider for a moment the surreal situation in which our nation finds itself. I make no personal criticism of the PM or the Government. I know the PM is someone who cares about our country, who is trying to do the right thing as she sees it, and I know how demanding the job of leadership is. “But just consider: nine months ago both she and the Chancellor, were telling us that leaving would be bad for the country, its economy, its security and its place in the world. Today it is apparently a ‘once in a generation opportunity’ for greatness. “Seven months ago, after the referendum result, the Chancellor was telling us that leaving the Single Market would be – and I quote – ‘catastrophic’. Now it appears we will leave the Single Market and the Customs Union and he is very optimistic. “Two years ago the Foreign Secretary was emphatically in favour of the Single Market. Now ditching it is ‘brilliant’. “The PM says she wants Britain to be a great open trading nation. Our first step in this endeavour? To leave the largest free trading bloc in the world. 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Seattle-based company gets permit for senior housing in Juneau

first_imgCommunity | Housing | Juneau | Southeast | SyndicatedSeattle-based company gets permit for senior housing in JuneauJuly 30, 2016 by Lakeidra Chavis, KTOO Share:A sign advertising a public meeting marks the location of a planned senior housing building at Vintage Park in the Mendenhall Valley . (Photo by Ed Schoenfeld/CoastAlaska News)A Seattle-based company is one step closer to building a 49-unit senior housing facility in Juneau. If successful, it would cater to a region’s housing market that’s been historically difficult for everyone, especially Southeast’s aging population.Earlier this week, the Juneau Planning Commission approved a conditional use permit for GMD Development, LLC. The majority of the beds in the proposed housing unit will be low-income affordable housing.Assemblyman Loren Jones thinks it’s a positive step for the community.A page from GWD Development’s proposal for senior housing, which would include a four-story building with 49 living units. (Image from Regular Commission Meeting Agenda)“Where it’s at, it’s going to be next to the assisted-living facility,” Jones said, “so there’d be a senior complex there in the valley, and I think it’s very important for Juneau for that to take place.”The location of the site is off Clinton Drive, near Safeway. The non-profit Senior Citizens Support Services Inc. plans to build a 90-apartment, assisted-living facility in the same area.Jones said the proposed housing project would help a market that really needs it.“I have every anticipation there may yet be some construction work this fall, but I would suspect construction would hopefully start next spring,” he said.Earlier this year, KTOO reported on the shortage of senior housing in for Southeast’s aging community. A 2014 market study estimated that over the next 30 years, Juneau will need more than 300 additional beds to meet demand, given the city’s limited space.Share this story:last_img read more


My LA to Z: Reggie Watts

first_imgCelebrityMy LA to Z: Reggie WattsWatts is back in comedic action on season three of “Comedy Bang! Bang!” (premiering tomorrow on IFC). The coffee connoisseur and self proclaimed non-vegetarian talks well-made espresso, tempeh Ruebens, and French food that rivals his mother’s home cookingBy Marielle Wakim – May 7, 2014723ShareEmailFacebookTwitterPinterestReddIt1  FloreIt’s a vegan restaurant. I like that it’s low key. The food is really good, and they have really good deals. My favorite thing to get there is the Rueben—it’s made of tempeh. Map | More info2  IntelligentsiaIt’s not so much for the atmosphere, but the coffee is really good. They have really solid, well made espresso. It’s weird, I used to hate coffee when I was a kid, but because I lived in Seattle for 13 years, I was exposed to coffee. I loathe Starbucks, so I tried Vivace and other actual espresso places. Now I find it delicious. It’s kind of like a drug for me, so I treat it as a pick-me-up.Map | More info3  Café StellaI love French food. My mother is French, so I grew up eating a lot of French cuisine. She usually made duck à l’Orange and Quiche Lorraine, but not every place will have those things. This place is really moody and romantic, and the food is amazing. I get escargot, salad, the cheese board, and maybe French onion soup.Map | More info4  The FixI think some Seattle people helped start it. It’s got a less pretentious vibe than Intelligentsia—more mellow, a lot of regulars. It’s kind of hidden. It looks like a secret location. It’s a great place to meet up with somebody; they have great coffee and a really good food selection. They’ve got this instant superfood oatmealy thing that you make with cold water, pastries, and mini-quiches. You can have a pretty substantial meal.Map | More info5  GjelinaIt’s just really good American food. They have a wide selection tiny woodfired pizzas and a really good menu of heartier dishes and things with cheese and meat in them. It’s kind of healthy, but there are heavier options. It’s usually pretty busy, but my girlfriend and I, we got lucky the first time: there was space right away. The second time we went, the lady at the front was like, “I love your stuff!” so we got a table.Map | More info6  ElfI have vegetarian tendencies, but I’m not a vegetarian. Even so, Elf has a really cool menu that changes, and they dip into Moroccan stuff and other world cuisines to a certain degree, but I love the atmosphere. I’ve gotten their tagine before—there’s couscous and some kind of hummus that comes with it, and then there’s this flat bread. It’s really delicious. And they have this quinoa dish that’s pretty incredible.Map  | More info7  Vista TheatreIt’s awesome. It’s an old school neighborhood theater. I mean, I like the ArcLight because of reserved seating, but Vista is great. You walk in, you either go left or right, and you’re in the theatre. I’ve seen a lot of modern films there, but they screen a lot of older films, too.Map | More info8  The Church on YorkI love that place because it’s very not L.A. it’s kind of DIY; some young kids and this booking agent from Montreal get some pretty great bands in there. It also has great acoustics. But it’s a weird space—people have to decide to go there. It’s not conveniently located, but I like that about it. They need air conditioning, but other than that it’s awesome.Map | More infoPhotographs courtesy (in order): (1, 4, 5, 6, 8) facebook.com, (2) intelligentsiacoffee.com, (3) cafestella.com and (7) vintagecinemas.com TAGSL.A. CultureMy LA to ZReggie WattsPrevious articleCityDig: L.A.’s Original Hipsters, The Beat GenerationNext articleCityDig: This Was L.A.’s City Hall for 39 YearsMarielle Wakim RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHORFollow in Pee-wee Herman’s Footsteps Across L.A.The 5 Best Things to Do in L.A. This WeekendWhat Defines a Successful Immigrant?last_img read more


In Pictures: Slieve Bloom celebrate championship winning 2018 with Dinner Dance

first_img By Julie Anne Miller – 25th March 2019 WhatsApp In Pictures: Slieve Bloom celebrate championship winning 2018 with Dinner Dance GAA WhatsApp Pinterest Pinterest Previous articleLaois secondary school caught up in ‘fake’ terror attack in Disneyland ParisNext articleAll of this week’s local soccer fixtures Julie Anne MillerLaoisToday’s main photographer Julie Anne Miller is a graduate from GMIT. Despite her young age, Julie Anne has years of experience in the food industry. She has worked in Tynan’s at the Storeyard in Portlaoise, Ballymaloe House in Cork and Beach Point Country Club in New York. She has also contributed a food column to the Irish Country Living section of the Irish Farmers Journal. She’s willing to talk about anything – except football! SEE ALSO – ‘Positive update’ on safety works for ‘dangerous junction’ just outside Stradbally RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR 2020 U-15 ‘B’ glory for Ballyroan-Abbey following six point win over Killeshin Check them out below: Home Sport GAA In Pictures: Slieve Bloom celebrate championship winning 2018 with Dinner Dance SportGAAHurling Facebook There was serious style in the Abbeyleix Manor Hotel at the weekend as Slieve Bloom celebrated their championship success from 2018.Slieve Bloom claimed football and hurling championship glory last year.Their Junior ‘C’ footballers won their title by defeating Colt in the final in September – a first ever solo football triumph having previously been amalgamated with Castletown.Ben Conroy’s goal was crucial in the 1-11 to 1-7 win.But then just ten days later, Slieve Bloom were back in O’Moore Park for the Intermediate hurling final.Here, Camross were the opponents as Ciaran Conroy’s scoring exploits were the difference in the end.He hit 1-8 of Slieve Bloom’s 3-11 total as they won by five points in the end.Our photographer Julie Anne Miller was there on the night and she captured some great pictures. Facebook GAA Kelly and Farrell lead the way as St Joseph’s claim 2020 U-15 glory Here are all of Wednesday’s Laois GAA results GAA Twitter TAGSSlieve Bloom Twitterlast_img read more


Knockbeg Junior basketballers claim wins in All-Ireland Playoffs

first_img Facebook WhatsApp GAA Pinterest Kelly and Farrell lead the way as St Joseph’s claim 2020 U-15 glory TAGSKnockbeg Knockbeg junior basketballers claimed two huge victories on Sunday.Knockbeg hosted two other schools, Castleknock CC and Rockwell College, in the All-Ireland Playoffs.They played Castleknock CC in the first game where they won 65-36.They faced Rockwell College in the next game which they won 52-42.Knockbeg are now one of six teams who have booked themselves a spot in the draw for quarter finals and semi finals.KNOCKBEG: Fionn Anthony, Pablo Byrne, Lewis Gannon, Jamie Conway, Jack Doyle, Aodhan Lowry, Conall Bergin, Matthew Farrell, Jack Byrne, Brian Cox, Conor BoweKnockbeg 3-3 Good Counsel 4-14South Leinster Junior Football ChampionshipKnockbeg looked to continue their good start to the South Leinster campaign against a well drilled Good Counsel side played before the Christmas break in Wexford.As they did in the previous round, Knockbeg got off to an excellent start with Michéal Downey tapping in a goal off a saved shot after only three minutes.Good Counsel responded well, scoring three points without reply.It went from bad to worse for Knockbeg when Good Counsel were able to intercept a kick out and score a goal, putting them into the driving seat.Half back Jack Byrne made a great run forward, and dummied two defenders on his way to hitting an outstanding score off the outside of his boot.This scored kick-started the visiting team once again, as Jack Doyle finished off a well worked team goal.Unfortunately, this would be the last of their scores in the first half.Good Counsel were able to capitalize on some wayward passes, raising the white flag on six different occasions throughout the remaining 15 minutes of the first period, leaving the score 2-1 to 2-10 in favor of the Wexford side.Knockbeg were able to replicate their start to the first half, with Michéal Downey adding his second goal.Good Counsel hit another purple patch, scoring 2-4 without reply.At this stage, the game was well beyond Knockbeg’s reach but they didn’t give up, finishing up with two points from Oisin Hooney and Oisin Doyle.The lads still qualify for the semi final where they will face Clane on Tuesday in Kildare.KNOCKBEG: Mark McDermott (Tullow), Sean McDonald (Stradbally), Fergus Langton (Barrowhouse), Oisín Byrne (Killeshin), Conor Bowe (Palatine), Oisín Nolan (Castledermot), Jack Byrne (Graiguecullen), Oisín Doyle (Clonmore), Aodhan Lowry (Arles-Kilcruise), Kyle Nolan (Eire Óg), Oisín Hooney (St Joseph’s), Jesse McEvoy (Ballylinan), Conall Bergin (Grangenolvan), Michéal Downey (Ballylinan), Jack Doyle (Palatine).SEE ALSO – Three sides with Laois involvement reach Sigerson Cup quarter finals GAA Pinterest Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Twitter By Oisín Hooney – 13th January 2020 Facebook WhatsApp Home Sport Basketball Knockbeg Junior basketballers claim wins in All-Ireland Playoffs SportBasketballGAA Knockbeg Junior basketballers claim wins in All-Ireland Playoffs Previous articleTrees down on Laois roads as Storm Brendan hitsNext articleElection Diary: Housing, Government ‘running out of road’ and elections on a weekend Oisín Hooney 2020 U-15 ‘B’ glory for Ballyroan-Abbey following six point win over Killeshin News Bizarre situation as Ben Brennan breaks up Fianna Fáil-Fine Gael arrangement to take Graiguecullen-Portarlington vice-chair rolelast_img read more


Homegrown beverages take off

first_img Facebook Twitter RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR News It’s time for another session of Market Trends. It seems that beverages are taking a bigger share of the market these days. We’ll delve deeper into the details with Daily NK reporter Kang Mi Jin.As the weather turns warmer with spring, many people are stocking up on refreshments to combat the dry weather and stay hydrated. Today, I’d like to talk about the sweet beverages for sale in North Korea that are actually replacing Chinese-made beverages as the most popular choices. I personally like fruits such as oranges, apples and peaches and I know some of my fellow North Koreans feel the same. South Koreans call fruit-flavored drinks “juice” while northerners call them “sweet-flavored water.” Fruit-flavored drinks are basically sweetened drinks with a hint of fruit flavors such as apples, oranges or peach. The domestic variants in North Korea are increasingly preferred for their refreshing taste as opposed to the concentrated artificial fruit-flavored drinks made in China.I’ve actually tried some of the beverages and must admit that due to the pleasant fragrance of fruits, it’s no wonder that North Korean-manufactured beverages like this are overtaking Chinese-made drinks in the market. The only drawback is the lack of information on the ingredients and safety standards on the containers.Can could provide a more detailed comparison between the ingredients in North Korean and South Korean drinks? I’ll start with my favorite aloe vera and grape drinks. Aloe vera drinks are labelled as containing aloe vera gel powder, traces of aloe vera juice components, calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, gellan gum, vitamin C, ginseng sodium, a concoction of blue gardenia and carthamus yellow and ethyl alcohol. Grape flavored drinks consist of purified grape extract, corn syrup, citric acid, grape flavored concentrate, and enzymatically-modified stevia glucosyl. Some residents are particular about ingredients and labelling such detailed information helps to ease the fears of consumers. However, some North Korean apple and peach drinks do not contain such detailed information. For instance, an orange-flavored drink was simply labeled as “orange-flavored carbonate acid with sugar,” while a peach-flavored drink was labeled as “peach flavor and sugar composite.” I feel that North Korea still has a long way to go in addressing its problems with labeling. As storage and safety information is sorely lacking on the labels, these drinks may not be suitable for sale in South Korea, although they are selling like hot cakes in the North.So while it is common practice to publish the ingredients, expiry dates and precautionary advice in South Korea, I guess it’s different in the North.Yes, I bought an aloe vera drink on my way to work today and it says right here on the label that “this product in accordance with the fair trade commission is subject to exchange or refunds, precipitates may be visible, and aloe vera concentrates may not be uniform so please shake well before drinking.”It also stated that after opening the container, it has to be sealed properly and stored in a refrigerated environment, with even the contact numbers of the customer service desk included as well. For products from the North, information is labeled more simply and even expiry dates are labeled broadly as between 6 months to a year and only the production dates are labeled, imparting a much less customer friendly feel. Despite all that, I hear that North Korean drinks are selling very well up there. What are the reasons and what are the prices like?Actually, the expectations and requirements of consumers have increased due to the expansion of the markets. For instance, many young women who have watched Korean drama series are approaching tailors to modify their clothes to match South Korean TV stars. However, there is still a long way to go yet. In stark contrast to the South, where an open market economy has been in place for decades, the living standards in the North need to increase dramatically before they will even bother to consider health considerations for food.In Pyongyang, a 500 ml drink costs around 1600 KPW, 1500 KPW in Sinuiju, 1650 KPW in Hyesan, 1700 KPW in Pukchon, 2000 KPW in Hoeryong,, and 1870 KPW  in Wonsan.  AvatarDaily NKQuestions or comments about this article? Contact us at [email protected] News Homegrown beverages take off By Daily NK – 2017.04.13 4:36pm center_img News Hamhung man arrested for corruption while working at a state-run department store News North Korea hikes “party contributions” Russia-based workers must pay by 30-55% North Korea Market Price Update: June 8, 2021 (Rice and USD Exchange Rate Only) SHARElast_img read more


LifeLine Response app update

first_img Earlier this week, you may have received a text message asking you to update your LifeLine Response Enterprise app. While it may have looked suspicious, there is a need to update the app.The LifeLine Response Enterprise app is free for all CU Boulder students, faculty and staff, and when activated, will allow you to contact 9-1-1 to get help by simply touching your screen. You can read more about the app here.In the past, LifeLine Response has had two apps, one for people to pay a monthly fee and another for schools and companies to pay to allow their community use the app for free.If you have already downloaded the LifeLine Response Enterprise app, follow these steps to continue using LifeLine Response.Delete LifeLine Response Enterprise AppDownload LifeLine ResponseTap “Get Started”Tap “Sign In” seen at the bottom of the screen.Enter your IdentiKey email, in the “Email” line, as well as your phone number in the “Phone” line. Then tap “Sign In”.You will be sent a verification code via SMS message. Input the four-digit code.You are all set up! Please be sure that you have enabled location services and notifications.If you have not used the LifeLine Response app, simply download it from your app store and follow the directions on the app. Share Share via TwitterShare via FacebookShare via LinkedInShare via E-mail Published: Nov. 17, 2016 center_img Categories:SafetyCampus Communitylast_img read more


Using WiFi to Amplify Your Winery’s Marketing Strategy

first_imgReddIt AdvertisementBy: Hannah HambletonWinery marketing can be tough. As well as competing against other wineries, you also need to stand out against wine retailers; both on and offline. As a result, wineries need to develop strong brand awareness, customer engagement and a loyal customer base. The solution?  WiFi marketing. Not only will WiFi marketing let you accurately target customers, you’ll also understand how to engage them and keep them loyal. We’ll take a look at 4 reliable, easy to implement ways WiFi marketing will make your winery marketing strategy much more effective.What exactly is WiFi marketing?WiFi marketing is the process of communication with your customers through providing WiFi access from a hotspot in your winery. This coverage lets customers connect wirelessly with their smartphones, tablets or laptops, giving them access to the internet or any content wirelessly while they’re visiting your site. From a marketing perspective, WiFi has the power to create engaging strategies that really work. That’s because through offering quality WiFi, you’ll be able to collect and use reliable, user-generated data to inform your marketing strategy. This data lets you personalise every communication, creating genuine engagement and ultimately, improving your bottom line. Retailers and restaurants are using WiFi to transform their marketing strategies, creating lasting engagement both on and offline, so it’s a strategy that can’t be ignored.How to use WiFi marketing for great resultsHere are 4 ways your winery marketing can be enhanced with WiFi:Use WiFi marketing for winery customer acquisitionTasting room traffic as a lead generator for new customers is stalling. Wineries need to develop new ways of generating new customer leads, and WiFi marketing offers a great opportunity for this. Firstly, offering free guest WiFi to new walk-in guests to your winery in return for an email log-in is an easy and effective way to start building an accurate email list, capturing data from new customers to start pushing them through loyalty and sales streams. This is great for lead generation too as you can use it for intentional acquisition and loyalty content, encouraging those customers to bring new guests to your winery. You’ll also be able to combine WiFi-collected data to boost acquisition across all other streams such as Instagram, point of sale and web traffic.Differentiate yourself from other wineries by offering your customers added valueYour customers don’t just want to buy wine, they want to have a great experience too. Offering guest WiFi is a useful way to differentiate yourself against other wine retailers and wineries, positioning yourself as a venue that customers will always want to visit. You can also use customer data such as special dates or purchase history to personalise special VIP offers, encourage upsells or offer loyalty rewards to your WiFi users, creating relevant marketing campaigns that encourage customer loyalty.Boost brand awareness of your winery onlineDeveloping brand awareness of your winery relies on consistency across all platforms, including social media, your website and review sites such as Instagram and Tripadvisor. Offering guest WiFi makes it much easier for customers visiting you to check-in, tag and share user photos and video content from your winery across their networks, constantly developing your brand reputation. You’ll also be able to send immediate requests via Wifi for those vital online reviews, boosting both brand awareness and social proof. This is essential to encourage new customers to visit you, so it’s an essential way WiFi will benefit you.Use WiFi marketing to understand your customers and streamline CRMWiFi marketing makes it much easier to understand your winery customers. By offering guest WiFi, you’ll develop a quality base of data on customer profiles, demographics and purchasing history, making it easy to respond to, as well as predict future customer behaviour. You’ll then be able to use this data to maximise your marketing impact, driving customers effectively through sales and loyalty funnels by responding perfectly at each touchpoint. This data will also allow you to streamline your CRM efforts, unifying both any online activities with offline experiences and connections. This consistency in communication will ensure your winery’s marketing is relevant and effective at all times.WiFi marketing works to create engaged and loyal winery customersWhen used well, in combination with quality data and strong marketing strategy, WiFi marketing will make your winery marketing work better, it’s that simple. WiFi is no longer just a nice thing to offer to your visitors. Instead, it’s a key tool for lead generation, acquisition and loyalty building. Marketing your winery in the modern marketplace can be tough, but WiFi marketing gives you the tools to create a valuable, engaging and personalised winery experience for your visitors. Email TAGSBeambox.comExpert EditorialfeaturedHannah HambletonWiFi marketing Share Twitter Pinterestcenter_img Home Wine Business Editorial Expert Editorial Using WiFi to Amplify Your Winery’s Marketing StrategyWine Business EditorialExpert EditorialUsing WiFi to Amplify Your Winery’s Marketing StrategyBy Expert Editorial – August 20, 2019 415 0 Facebook Expert Editorialby Hannah Hambleton, Beambox.comHannah Hambleton is the Content Manager for Beambox.com and writes about marketing and social media trends for retail and hospitality businesses, helping them to create loyal and engaged customers. Email address: [email protected] Previous articleAtlas Vineyard Management Expands Premier Client Portfolio with Acquisition of Bowland Vineyard ManagementNext articleIntersection of Key Findings from Two Major DTC Reports Expert Editorial Linkedinlast_img read more


Stewart recounts year of unexpected challenges

first_imgStewart recounts year of unexpected challenges Jun 19, 2020 By Gary Blankenship Senior Editor Top Stories Declaring that “justice for some is neither justice for all nor justice at all,” immediate Past President John Stewart reported The Florida Bar has met extraordinary challenges for clients and its members in the past year and will continue to do so.And nothing could probably better illustrate that than Stewart virtually delivering the annual State of the Bar address at the Bar’s Annual Convention, which in a matter of weeks was converted from an in-person to an online convocation.The talk came during the convention’s June 19 virtual General Assembly, minutes before new President Dori Foster-Morales was sworn in. Stewart also discussed the Bar’s accomplishments during the past year, but opened reviewing the unprecedented confluence of current events.“Today, we are now experiencing a global health crisis that is causing unprecedented changes in the way we live and work. Never have so many organizations and businesses, including law firms, been forced to rely on technology to maintain regular operations in response to a crisis,” Stewart said. “…. [W]e are also experiencing a time when our nation is deeply divided and civil unrest, sadly, is almost a part of daily life.“This pandemic and the challenging state of national current events provide perfect examples of why the legal system — including lawyers, clerks, and the judiciary — must quickly modernize in order to continue to serve people in trying times. Our profession, our system of justice, cannot simply grind to a halt because the ways we have traditionally operated are no longer available to us.”Technology will help lawyers meet future needs once the pandemic and civil strife pass, he said.“This is why we as lawyers must innovate. We must utilize technology because, simply put, society cannot adequately function if the rule of law, if the legal profession, cannot handle the legal issues of the citizenry,” Stewart said. “Justice for some is neither justice for all nor justice at all.”One way the Bar will meet the challenges is through the Special Committee to Improve the Delivery of Legal Services, he said, which “is focused on ensuring that our regulations meet the needs for legal services while maintaining the strength of the profession and protecting against misconduct.”The question, Stewart said, is not so much “What is the future of lawyers or the legal profession” as “How will future legal problems be solved?”The answer includes allowing different providers to address “certain needs where a lawyer’s education, training, experience, and skill are simply not necessary,” he said.However, the profession must maintain its stance of aggressively ensuring the public is protected, including, Stewart said, that “when legal needs should necessarily be met by educated, trained lawyers we must zealously and aggressively assure that Florida’s citizens can find lawyers to meet their legal needs and that under our rules, lawyers can easily do so.“It will take these and other creative solutions to guarantee justice for all, and the only way we can navigate these uncharted waters is through a thorough review and potentially a modernization of our regulatory framework.”Stewart highlighted four accomplishments by the Bar in the past year:• Approval by the Supreme Court of the new parental leave continuance rule in the Rules of Judicial Administration, which was supported by the Board of Governors.• Working on the proposed Chapter 23 of Bar rules, which is pending at the Supreme Court and creates a voluntary Bar registration system for online providers of legal services that don’t require a lawyer’s skill to both expand access to those services and protect the public.• Supporting the priorities of the judicial branch in the Legislature.• Continued advocacy for improved access to justice and to attend to the mental health and wellness of Bar members.The latter effort, Stewart said, includes the Florida Lawyers Helpline member benefit that offers “free and confidential counseling for personal and family matters.”“During the pandemic, we prioritized the needs of our members by sending regular, succinct, and needed information through social media, The Florida Bar website, and member-wide e-mails,” Stewart said. “Free and topical CLE was available immediately on everything from the federal stimulus packages, to how to work remotely, to how to deal with stress and anxiety in this unprecedented time, among many other relevant topics.”He thanked the Annual Convention Committee and Chair Vivian Cortes Hodz for transitioning, in a matter of weeks, the Bar’s convention from an in-person gathering to an online platform.Stewart also thanked the Supreme Court, his father and law partner Bill Stewart, daughter MaryClaire, the Board of Governors, Bar sections and committees, voluntary bars, his law firm Rossway Swan, Foster-Morales, and outgoing YLD President Santo DiGangi for supporting his year at the helm of the Bar.“In sum, we spent the past year prioritizing our members’ needs and reaffirming our responsibilities to protect the rule of law and engage technological and societal change to protect the full exercise of every American’s constitutional rights and access to equal justice for all,” Stewart said. “We haven’t done everything right, but we will continue to improve. These priorities will not change as my successor President Foster-Morales, leads us through the coming period of rebound and recovery.”last_img read more


Police: man tried to set person on fire inside Starbucks

first_imgHomeNewsCrimePolice: man tried to set person on fire inside Starbucks Feb. 27, 2017 at 8:49 amCrimeNewsPolice: man tried to set person on fire inside Starbuckseditor4 years agoarsoncrimemurderSanta Monica Police Departmentsmpdstarbucks A homeless man is facing attempted murder charges after a fight inside the Starbucks on Ocean Avenue near City Hall got out of control.Police say Paul Dickson, 41, became upset with another customer around 10:25 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 20.  Dickson is accused of throwing an unknown flammable liquid onto the victim who is also homeless. Once the person’s clothes were wet, Dickson allegedly tried to set the victim on fire with a cigarette lighter, according to Lt. Saul Rodriguez with the Santa Monica Police Department.The victim was not hurt and no fire was set.With the police station just one block away, officers arrived quickly and took Dickson into custody. The coffee shop was shut down after it became a crime scene.A look at Dickson’s criminal history reveals he is a registered sex offender after a 2002 conviction of performing a lewd act with a minor. In 2008, Dickson was convicted of assault with a deadly weapon.The Starbucks, located on the corner of Olympic and Main, is a popular spot with public employees as one of the few places to buy coffee near City Hall, the Courthouse and the Police Department. However, most of those workers had the day off Monday in observance of the President’s Day [email protected] :arsoncrimemurderSanta Monica Police Departmentsmpdstarbucksshare on Facebookshare on Twitteradd a commentWells Fargo: Santa Monica divestment will not effect on Dakota Access PipelineCity Council Round UpYou Might Also LikeFeaturedNewsBobadilla rejects Santa Monica City Manager positionMatthew Hall11 hours agoBriefsLos Angeles Sheriff’s deputy accused of destroying evidence of 2019 assaultAssociated Press15 hours agoNewsCouncil picks new City ManagerBrennon Dixson22 hours agoFeaturedNewsProtesting parents and Snapchat remain in disagreement over child protection policiesClara Harter22 hours agoFeaturedNewsDowntown grocery to become mixed use developmenteditor22 hours agoNewsBruised but unbowed, meme stock investors are back for moreAssociated Press22 hours agolast_img read more


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