Xining city traffic police detachment will take measures to implement the smooth traffic engineering

according to the Xining municipal government "smooth traffic project" arrangements, Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment will take measures to improve the traffic capacity of the intersection part and the part of the city, and actively solve the main roads and vehicles mixed problems.

Xining public security traffic police detachment commissar Chen Xinping:

recording "Xining city traffic police detachment will enter the intersection 50 meters to 70 meters from the lane at present 3.5 meters to 3.9 meters down to 2.8 meters to 3 meters, which is two lanes to three lanes, three lanes to four lanes of traffic, mining potential; the intersection crosswalk line and forward stop line, to reduce the vehicle through the intersection of the time, to achieve fast through the purpose; the conditions of the intersection are set and delimit the left turn vehicle waiting area; the re allocation of lane, turn left, straight, right turn lane according to the traffic flow and size, can also be set straight turn left turn right straight line or mixed lane." recording stop read more


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