MineRP and Dundee Precious Metals Terrative combine

first_imgDundee Precious Metals Inc recently announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement with MineRP Holdings Proprietary Ltd, a provider of integrated mining technical solutions, whereby DPM will combine its proprietary wireless underground communications technology, managed within DPM’s Terrative Digital Solutions division (Terrative), with MineRP, and acquire a majority interest in MineRP. “The combination will create a leading technology provider well positioned to further capture the rapidly growing demand in the mining industry for digital innovation.”MineRP, a private company founded in 1997 and headquartered in South Africa, is an independent software vendor (ISV) for the mining industry. Its unique platform improves productivity in planning and operations by integrating various technical and financial applications in the industry. Since 2011, DPM has also established itself as a leader in digital innovation across its asset base, particularly at Chelopech where it developed wireless underground communications technology which is held within Terrative.DPM is a globally recognised leader in mining innovation, and developed wireless underground communications technology held in Terrative. “MineRP’s vision of unified mine planning and production suits DPM’s vision of the future, and the DPM board agreed to the value of investing in a combined MineRP/Terrative entity to provide transformative digital innovation to the mining industry at large.”With the August 2017 release of MineRP 4.0, MineRP is in a position to extend its data-integration capabilities to real-time operational monitoring and control. For this purpose, the cost effective, robust communication and data acquisition technologies developed by Terrative, combined with MineRP’s solutions will offer the mining industry a fully integrated communications platform and information management framework to practically enable millisecond mining.“MineRP has always been at the forefront of innovation focused on the Enterprise Big Data in mining. Combined with the advanced digital communication technologies offered by Terrative, MineRP’s enterprise solutions provide a revolutionary platform for robust digital transformation for mining. The transaction provides MineRP with the means to aggressively implement our Spatial Enterprise Integration strategy across the globe,” said Pieter Nel, CEO of MineRP.last_img read more


Lucky Qatar draw with Tunisia

Olympic handballQatari handballtunisian handball ← Previous Story Dragan Adzic after debacle: I take full responsibility Next Story → DAWAJ, DAWAJ: First Polish win in Rio! With four goals in the last four minutes, Qatar avoided the second defeat in a row at the Olympic Games in Rio! Tunisia had everything to win clash of two strong non-European teams in group A, but at the end Malash netted for 25:25 (12:11) only 12 seconds before the final buzzer, while Wael Jallouz didn’t score at the end.Tunisians were in the lead almost during whole match, but Qatari left back Rafael Capote didn’t let that his team lost all the chances. He scored 12 goals, many of them in critical moments when Valero Rivera’s squad didn’t have anything else to offer.Chourief netted for 25:21 when on clock was 56:03, but experienced Qatari squad managed to get back in the match and save realistic hopes that win against Argentina lead them to quarter-final.Boughami netted eight goals for Tunisia, while Maggaiz had 15 saves, three more than two Qatari goalies, Saric (10) and Stojanovic (2).STANDINGS:France 4Denmark 4Qatar 3Croatia 2Tunisia 1Argentina 0 read more


This island a celebrity favourite used to be covered in hot green

first_imgThe hot glass then actually started flowing down all the slopes rather like sticky lava. ‘Ground zero’ in this case was the entire island — nothing would have survived — nature had sterilised and completely enamelled the island.“Today Pantelleria is verdant and has been re-colonised, but even as you approach it by ferry you can see the green layer of glass covering everything — even sea cliffs look like they’ve been draped in candle wax. Exactly how this happened has only recently come to light.”As part of their work, the Leicester team has recontructed how the incandescent density current gradually inundated the entire island.They mapped out how the chemistry of the glass varied from place to place to show how the current gradually advanced from the low, central areas to the hills.They were also able to prove that the glass current then retreated from the hilltops so that by the end of the eruption, only the area close the volcano was covered with the green stuff.This could be significant to events today, say the researchers, as it may help gain a better understanding of undersea currents that are triggered by earthquakes.But first they have to find out if this volcanic eruption was just a “freak, oddball event”.“Well, it turns out that the delightful island, now used as a quiet getaway by celebrities, has been the site of at least five catastrophic eruptions of similar type.“The remarkable volcanic activity on the island was not just a one-off.  And as the volcano continues to steam away quite safely, it seems reasonable that in thousands of years time, it may once again erupt with devastating effect.“Our investigations should help us understand what happens during similar and much larger explosive eruptions elsewhere around the world, such as the Yellowstone–Snake River region of USA.”Read: ‘Biggest dinosaur ever’ would have weighed the same as 14 African elephantsMore: “Unstoppable” melting of Antarctic ice will have major impact on sea level, scientists warn TODAY, IT IS visited by the likes of Madonna, Sting and Julia Roberts but, in the past, the island of Pantelleria was a hot destination in a different sense of the word.Historians have confirmed this week that the secluded land – between Sicily and Tunisia – was once covered entirely in a searing-hot layer of green glass.According to what has been described as a ground-breaking study by University of Leicester geologists, Pantelleria, a volcano, looked very different 45,000 years ago.Volcanologists Drs Mike Branney and Rebecca Williams have dedicated themselves to uncovering previously unknown facts about the island’s physical history. Source: Mike Branney/University of LeicesterDescribing what happened those thousands of years ago, Dr Branney says:“A ground-hugging cloud of intensely hot gases and volcanic dust spread radially out from the erupting volcano in all directions.“Incandescent rock fragments suspended in the all-enveloping volcanic cloud were so hot, molten and sticky that they simply fused to the landscape forming a layer of glass, over hills and valleys alike.last_img read more


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