Breaking the taboo: Let’s talk about old age homes

first_imgI had many questions. But as I grew older, I started to see things a lot deeper. Which made me realize that, sometimes, old age homes might be the safest place for senior citizens.How?Some people don’t have a choice:There will be times when people are left with no choice but to move to old age homes. Like if their son is either abroad or in another state. With the increasing crime rate, staying as a community is safer than staying alone. Or let’s say an old couple only has a daughter who is married. Now, as much as the daughter would love to take care of her parents, many won’t feel comfortable with staying with their daughter after marriage.It is safer:In this ever-changing world, both men and women are working to meet the needs of the family. And it leads to their parents staying alone at home most of the time. And let’s just say it can’t be safe all the time.Some people actually prefer it:Some people prefer to live in an old age home so that they can be independent. They like living as a community and feel safer and happier in that environment.So, now we know old age homes aren’t that bad, what are the things you should know if you are planning to let your parents join one?Do your research:No matter the circumstances, sending our parents to an old age home is probably one of the toughest decisions one will make. And that is why you should do your homework before sending them to one.The Internet has all the answers you are looking for. There are even some websites that can give you the list of legit old age homes in your city, like Just dial, Three Best Rated®, etc..,Comfort comes before anything:Remember that the comfort of your parents comes before anything. So, take them to the home and see if they actually feel comfortable in that environment before you make any decision.Stay in touch:We all have a busy life. And sometimes it is hard to find time to call or visit your parents. Even though they have a lot of people around them, they would still expect to talk to you. So, make time for them. Even a five-minute call would be enough to make their day.Include them in all events:They say “out of sight, out of mind.” Just because your parents chose to live in an old age home, does not mean they don’t want to be included in family events or vacations. Take them with you whenever you are going to a marriage or any other events, take them for a vacation.Though it’s hard to accept, sometimes it is alright to let elderly people stay in old age homes. And it’s about time we come in terms with it. Just because someone is sending their parents to an old age home does not mean they love their parents any less. Growing up, the whole concept of people leaving their parents in old age homes never made sense to me. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to take care of your own parents? Isn’t valuing the bond of family part of our tradition? So, why would people even consider old age homes as an option?last_img read more