Googlers go gaga over Lady Gaga

first_imgProving that Google must be the coolest place to work, the search engine giant invited Lady Gaga to a special 70 minute Q&A session at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California. While it is clear in the video that the company has plenty of employees who are fans of Lady Gaga, it is also clear she is a fan of Google. Besides particpating in the special Q&A session this week, the star helped Google launch its search features for music discovery in November 2009 with exclusive tracks.In addition to revealing that she is breaking into a new medium by directing the music video for her next single Judas, the artist also participated in judging Gaga wannabes and in answering questions not only submitted by Google employees, but those submitted through Twitter and Google Moderator as well. As Google states in its blog, the music artist was “funny, thoughtful and inspiring” in her answers.In her answers, Lady Gaga revealed that she is “obsessed” with Bruce Springsteen because he is blue-collar just like her dad, and that you will never see her in a reality show. The artist also had something to say around the criticism received by 13-year old Rebecca Black over her YouTube music video Friday. Though Gaga admitted to not actually seeing the video, she nevertheless declared that Black is “a genius.” Since the artist also revealed having been bullied in school there is no doubt why she is being so supportive of Black.Other things revealed by Gaga in the interview included her love of yoga, that she has tatotoos only on the left side of her body, and that a Google employee was her R.A. at NYU. That same employee also wrote her up for drinking.The music artist also talked about her next album, Born This Way which will include a track called Edge of Glory that she says was inspired by her grandfather who has now passed.Read more at the Google Bloglast_img read more