Pandora Sends User Data Report

first_imgNew details have emerged about the lawsuit against Pandora . Data security company Veracode looked into the troubled app, and found that the data was indeed being stored. According to Veracode, Pandora has sold info such as birth dates, location, and gender. Once Pandora collected all of this data, it was sold to ad networks. Granted, Pandora never claimed that no user data was sold-so this does not come as a big shocker. It should also be noted that Veracode only did this research on a Android device, so no word on whether the iOS version suffers the same issueAdChoices广告Pandora has yet to release a statement regarding the research. Nor has the courts issued a statement based on the findings. Veracode has not said if similar research will be done on the iOS device anytime soon or not. Via Ars Technicalast_img read more