Why victory eludes BJP in Tamil Nadu?

first_imgThe first round of pre-poll predictions has all predicted a clear-cut majority for DMK and a washout for AIADMK. This poll is a straight fight between the well-groomed politician Stalin and a novice-appointed-CM EPS.If AIADMK lags behind the (dis)credit should go to BJP. While PM Modi is popular all over India and BJP fights every election right from municipality and panchayats polls to the Assembly polls in the name of Modi, Modi magic backfires in Tamil Nadu alone.When we say BJP can never win in Tamil Nadu we should naturally understand why it is popular in the Northern parts of India. It is well known and accepted fact that the minorities who are predominantly Muslims abstain from voting in favour of BJP but the Hindus unitedly vote for the BJP so the loss of minority votes does not become a roadblock for BJP’s success.Since its inception, DMK’s electoral plank has been anti-Brahmin and somehow the party had successfully painted BJP as a ‘Brahmin party’ because of its association with Lord Shri Ram. While Jai Shri Ram is common to all in the north irrespective of caste, here in TN, Ram and Krishna are seen more as Gods worshipped by Brahmins. The core Tamilians’ main God of worship is Murugan and the goddess is Amman and so when the Ayodhya verdict came, it made no impact on the Tamil Nadu masses especially down South.After Rajiv Gandhi, Modi is the PM who is recognized by the tail end villager of TN but unfortunately,  he is been introduced to them under a “colored glass”. After 2014 when Modi came to power, M Karunanidhi had almost become silent and his son was “the acting chief” of DMK. His constant narrative had been to pass on the message that Modi entered politics only with one agenda to do everything possible to spoil Tamil language, culture, and ethos, and takes all decisions only to destroy Tamilians and nothing else.Stalin picked up all the words that are used by Modi’s adversaries in the North like fascist, autocrat, religious bigot, and upholder of Hindutva, and staunch enemy of Muslims. To this Stalin included that Modi favours social injustice by introducing NEET exams which shattered “rural poor and backward students” dreams of becoming a Doctor. Added to this is DMK’s favourite electoral plank- Hindi imposition and according to Dravidian parties, Modi goes one step ahead and is giving priority to Sanskrit the language of Sanathana Dharma which is ideologically against the Dravidian parties which came into being only to contain the supremacy of Sanathana Dharma.This narrative has indeed caught up with the imagination of the Tamil people. While the wealthy backward classes endorsed the Dravidian parties’ call to abolish NEET (they have been getting medical seats easily in private colleges spending lakhs) the elite Brahmin also does not favour Modi much for two strong reasons first being his Hindi.All PMs up to Rajiv addressed the nation in English first and then in Hindi and leaders after Rajiv was never popular and none wanted to listen to them. In the present era with cutting-edge technology, Modi appears and speaks every second day either to the nation or to some sector or is seen addressing the parliament but it is all in Hindi and this has miffed the elite and educated Brahmins of Tamil Nadu who are alien to Hindi. They feel the PM by speaking in Hindi is neglecting them. It is this Hindi that prevents even Owaissi from trying his luck in TN as the state’s Muslims do not know Urdu.Though the PM often reiterates sab ka sath, sab ka vikas, sab ka Vishwas it cannot be gainsaid that its main supporters are from the majority Hindus. Tamil Nadu has always remained insulated and has never been affected by incidents happening in the north right from independence struggle to emergency excesses TN has remained aloof. In the elections immediately after the emergency while Indira and Sanjay themselves lost all the MPs in Tamil Nadu won because of the Congress -MGR alliance. Hindus and Muslims are so segregated in this state that they don’t cross each other’s paths.Tamilians prefer Spartan living, are not very particular about the quality of living or standard of living, but are fond of amassing assets. An average man with a decent income would look simple but he would be owning more than two houses in Chennai itself. So for them, Modi’s insistence on PAN at every purchase which records their wealth is not something they would relish.BJP appeals to the voters as a nationalist party with Vande mathram, Bharat Mata ki Jai and Jai hind and all these three words are not even familiar to the Tamil masses because the Dravidian parties especially the DMK under M Karunanidhi strategically kept the Tamilians away from being a part of the mainstream politics for his political survival and he had succeeded in it.Now BJP has to surmount all these hurdles to reach an ordinary voter of Tamil Nadu. They should first diagnose the problems then hit upon a solution and finally execute it at the grass-roots level. Can they? The answer is yes – Modi hai to mumkin hai.last_img read more