Flutter A 20 Arduino with a wireless halfmile range

first_imgWe’re currently living in the golden age of tiny, cheap computers and boards that are primarily used for do-it-yourself projects. A little Raspberry Pi Model B costs just $35, and can competently run various devices, from a classic Asteroids arcade gamepad, to a smartphone-controlled aquatic drone.The more prevalent, though perhaps less chic DIY board is the venerable Arduino controller. An Arduino can be quite cheap to begin with, but a new Kickstarter project, Flutter, aims to make an Arduino available for just $20. What sets Flutter apart, though, is its 3,200-foot wireless range.The $20, ARM-based board can wirelessly communicate over half a mile, which means it’s a cheap way to build a project that requires wireless communication over a large (but local) distance. A Flutter network can be configured through standard Arduino code, or through Flutter’s own app. Much like the Rapsberry Pi, Flutter comes in two flavors: a $20 Basic, and a $30 Pro. The Basic comes with an integrated, low-profile antenna, an LED, button, and micro USB. The Pro comes with more memory, a screw mount antenna, an extra button, and a battery charging feature.Flutter will come with its own Breakout board, which is a socket that allows Flutter to easily detach from projects.As is standard on Kickstarter, the funding goals will net you some enticing rewards. Considering Flutter is so cheap, the minimum pledge of $25 gets you a Basic model (or a t-shirt), $45 gets you a Basic kit (two USB cables, two Basic Flutters, and two Breakout boards), while a max pledge of $475 nets you oodles of Flutters, cables, and various types of attachments (RC and Bluetooth shields, for instance).While you could certainly use as Raspberry Pi or standard Arduino to give life to your DIY project, Flutter does look like a cheap alternative, and an optimal choice for any project that requires wireless communication on its own network. Check out the campaign page if you’re interested.last_img read more