Should there be an investigation in foreign role in Guyana’s elections?

first_imgDear Editor,President Obama has ordered an investigation into Russia’s role in the recent Presidential elections. Shouldn’t President Obama also order an investigation into US role in Guyana’s general elections May 2015?The Democrats, quoting from a secret CIA report, assert that Russia (through its Intelligence Agency) influenced the outcome of the recent US Presidential elections causing the Republican Donald Trump to win the Presidency. The report, as carried in the Washington Post, claims that Russia’s aim was “to help Mr. Trump win and not just undermine the U.S. electoral process”.Republicans responded that there is no conclusive proof the Russians determined the outcome of the election. However, the Republicans condemn any purported outside interference in US elections without mentioning Russia by name.President elect Donald Trump rebuked the Democrats as well as the CIA report noting that the outcome of the election was long over, and that they should stop any investigations into the elections. Trump said it is time to move on. But President Obama has ordered an investigation into Russia’s interference in the elections “to protect the integrity of American elections”. How about protecting the integrity of Guyana’s elections?It is ironic that Obama is concerned about Russia’s interference in the elections when it is the same Obama Administration, through the US Embassy agents in Guyana, that interfered in Guyana’s May 2015 elections “to select” a winner. It is alleged that the US removed the de facto Indian PPP administration and replaced it with the African PNC led government. Ironically, PPP leaders supported Obama over Hilary Clinton in the 2008 Democrat nomination contest. The same Obama has removed the PPP leaders from office and replaced them with PNC leaders.The role of the US Embassy through CIA agents was to collect, evaluate and disseminate information to assist Obama and senior US government policymakers in making decisions about national security. The role of the Embassy, through the CIA, is also to engage in covert action at the president’s request. The Embassy determined that the PPP had to go and a plan was put into effect.Everyone knows that the CIA funded various covert operations in Guyana. The CIA historically funded the PNC as reported in NY Times. But more recently, it was the AFC and WPA affiliates that also got American funding to campaign against the PPP. The National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, the Republican Institute, NED, and other US agencies channelled funds to them and affiliated NGOs to motivate PNC supporters to cast ballots.The PPP attacked the American funding organisations instead of working closely with them to fund PPP support groups to educate supporters on the importance of voting. The PPP looked for its trouble by attacking the US that justifiably removed it from office.The then US Acting Ambassador, Bryan Hunt, according to media reports, objected to recount of ballots in what was the closest democratic elections in Guyana’s history. Gecom which had agreed to a recount of ballots reversed course following Hunt’s objection to a recount. At a minimum, the PPP could have ended up with 33 seats in Parliament if a recount was done in Region 8 where the PPP lost by one vote with some 45 votes declared as spoilt – almost all in favour of PPP, according to observers and PPP counting agents.In Region 4 there were suspected counts and fake statements of poll that could not reliably determine final counts.In societies where elections tend not to be free and fair, as in Guyana, observers are needed to guarantee a democratic election. Thus, Guyana needs foreign (neutral) observers to ensure a fair election. Guyanese welcome international observers to ensure transparent, free and fair elections. But there should not be outside interference by powerful governments to determine the winner as the US Embassy did in Guyana in 1964 and 2015 to remove the PPP from office.It is also recorded facts that the US encouraged and funded rigged elections in Guyana to keep out the socialist PPP from office and to retain the pro-imperialist PNC in office between 1964 and 1992. The US had a change in heart in 1992 following the collapse of communism, ordering the PNC to hold democratic elections.The PNC did its best to rig the 1992 outcome but fell short and was forced to give up power although not without violent resistance attacking non-supporters. Obama should order an investigation into US role in the 2015 Guyana elections.Yours truly,Vishnu Bisramlast_img read more