Gaya mela, pleasant experience

first_imgFifteen day-long periods, just before the start of Navaratri festival, is the time when the Hindu population performs rituals in remembrance of dead ancestors. The town of Gaya in Bihar is supposed to be most sacred for these rituals and devotees from all over India converge to Gaya during this period. Everyone would usually expect a large unmanageable crowd and breakdown of the system, under so much load on services in such a small place. I braved my fear and headed to Gaya during September last for a similar purpose. The fear of going to uncharted course lingered in my mind. However, the city presented to my eyes, a very pleasant experience. The whole city was geared to take up the enormous load of visitors. All the private transport was restricted within the city, and free transport was provided for all the important destinations. Portable toilets at close locations and courteous cleaning staff had made the place very different from what I feared it to be. Police personnel were posted every two meters to help the devotees, many of devotees being old and having limited mobility. At one point, we were literally supported by police personnel to be able to climb up the stairs of one of the temples. Subsequently, a vehicle was summoned to take us to the place where our vehicle was parked. On the whole, the atmosphere was devotee friendly and an example for everyone to see, as to how any public gathering could be controlled in a small town. Government of Bihar, especially Bihar Police deserve appreciation for their helpful approach and city administration for managing the Gaya Mela in an efficient manner.last_img read more


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