Never fear the fear!

first_imgFear having no fears at all. Fear giving in to fears. Fear running away from fears. But never ever fear the fear. Holding on to your fear for a minute longer at the moment when you feel its drowning you makes you unbeatable. If you can walk through the walls of fear with a smile, trust me, you got the brightest flame in your belly. When you first step into these walls you want to run away, as far as you can, from these very dilapidated and disastrous walls. But be strong. For the future that lies ahead shall be as bright as the light one sees at the end of a dark tunnel. Keep that light as your drive to keep going on. Remember when you are at your lowest point is when you are open to the greatest change in your life. Keep going until you feel your legs giving up, your heart almost stopping, your mind becoming dead. That is when you will start to see the future you dreamt of starting to become your present.last_img read more


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