Phish ‘Dinner And A Movie’ Stream Companion: Hampton Coliseum 10/20/13 [Video]

first_imgTonight (Tuesday, July 21st), Phish will air their memorable performance at the iconic Hampton Coliseum on October 20th, 2013 as the seventeenth episode of their ongoing archival webcast/cooking series, Dinner and a Movie. Tune in below at 8:30 p.m. ET and scroll down to follow along with our 10/20/13 Stream Companion.Phish Dinner and a Movie Episode 17: 10/20/13, Hampton Coliseum [Full Show]The seventeenth episode of Dinner and a Movie follows the 8/31/12 “F— Your Face” show, the 7/27/14 Merriweather “Tweezerfest”, the 7/25/17’s Baker’s Dozen “Jam-Filled” night, Magnaball night two (8/22/15), last year’s first night at Mohegan Sun (7/9/19), the first night of the band’s 2016 Halloween run in Las Vegas (10/28/16), the final night of 2017’s Mexican destination event (1/15/17), the band’s first of three nights in Alpharetta, GA in 2018 (8/3/18), the out-there 1997 U.S. tour opener featuring a guest appearance by LeRoi Moore of Dave Matthews Band (7/21/97), the improv-heavy second night of their 2018 Madison Square Garden New Year’s run (12/29/18), 2013’s Friday night at The Gorge (7/26/13), the band’s 1995 debut at Deer Creek Music Center (6/19/95), the fiery Wednesday night at The Mann in 2015 (8/12/15), an evening at the iconic Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA from 2010 (8/7/10), and an “avant-garde” set two video from Northampton, MA back in 1989 (5/1/89), and 2019’s wild Alpine Valley finale (7/14/19). You can often gauge the energy in the room at a Phish show by how long the band sits back and basks in that mid-song respite. The 2.5-minute runtime of this interlude reflected the electricity of that moment of connectedness between the four men onstage and the thousands in the audience, still just as glad to see Phish back at Hampton four years later. After finishing the song and taking a moment to deliberate, the band opted for a set-closing cover of Jimi Hendrix‘s “Bold As Love”, sung with gusto by the Chairman of the Boards.While this first set is nothing to thumb your nose at, the second set on 10/20/13 was what put this performance in the conversation for “Show of the Year.” When the band stepped back onstage for set two, Trey stepped to the mic to address a group of fans in the crowd. “Are you guys, like, in jail stripes,” he asked, “Or are you Waldo?” When the crowd roared back, “Waldo!” Trey let out a sigh. “Ah, we thought you were in jail stripes, so we were gonna play a song for you.” Then, pointing to the back of the arena, where a “Paul and Silas” sign had been hanging over the balcony all weekend, he added, “We’ll play it anyway, we’ll play it for those guys.” With that, the band opened set two with “Paul and Silas”, the traditional gospel tune about the two biblical prisoners saved by their faith. As always, the rule rang true: The best way to get your request played is to request songs the band wants to play.The brief moment of crowd banter ahead of “Paul and Silas” proved to be the only pause for the rest of the set, as Phish got down to business with a pair of fantastic, stylistically wide-ranging jams on “Tweezer” and “Golden Age”, together clocking in at more than 41 minutes of thrilling improvisation.With the band feeling loose, cohesive, and creative, the “Piper” that followed seemed destined to follow in the path of the two Type II behemoths that preceded it. Instead, at the 7-minute mark, that creativity took the band in a different, seemingly unexpected direction. After locking into boogieing rock groove, the band rode that thought seamlessly into a cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive‘s 1973 smash, “Takin’ Care Of Business”.Despite how well the two seemed to fit together here, “Piper” > “Takin’ Care Of Business” isn’t a common Phish pairing. Before this moment, “Takin’ Care Of Business” wasn’t even part of the band’s repertoire. Was it rough? Sure, but it was hot. At the time, some fans wondered if the new cover may be a clue about the surprise “Costume Set” on Halloween night in Atlantic City [Spoiler Alert: They were wrong… Wingsuit’d].Whether they planned the pairing before they stepped onstage or simply found themselves in that progression and collectively decided to run with it, this organic debut is the sort of thing that keeps fans coming back again and again, year after year.As “TCoB” wound down, a funky “2001” rose from the vapors to keep Hampton dancing, and the funk continued full-force from there into and ominous “Sand”. Finally, with time for one more, the band shifted from demonic to angelic for a stellar, set-closing “Slave To The Traffic Light”.Much like the first set ended, the encore began with a fan-favorite classic rock cover as sung by Page McConnell—this time, The Beatles‘ “A Day In The Life”—before closing out the show and the weekend with the emphatic punctuation known as “Tweezer Reprise”.Grab a ticket off the tree and tune in tonight at 8:30 p.m. ET to relive 10/20/13 at The Mothership.Setlist: Phish | Hampton Coliseum | Hampton, VA | 10/20/13SET 1: Julius, Funky Bitch, Back on the Train, Roses Are Free > Sample in a Jar, Ginseng Sullivan, 46 Days, Divided Sky, Bold As LoveSET 2: Paul and Silas > Tweezer > Golden Age[1] > Piper -> Takin’ Care of Business[2] > Also Sprach Zarathustra > Sand > Slave to the Traffic LightENCORE: A Day in the Life > Tweezer Reprise[1] Fish on Marimba Lumina.[2] Phish debut.Back on the Train contained a Jean Pierre tease from Trey. Golden Age featured Fish on Marimba Lumina. This show featured the Phish debut of Takin’ Care of Business. This week’s Dinner and a Movie takes us back to the opening run of the band’s 2013 Fall Tour. Of course, the narrative among fans leading into this three-night run was less about the start of the tour and more about a triumphant return: These three shows marked Phish’s first return to Hampton Coliseum—”The Mothership”—since the return. While it would be tough to top the emotion of the band’s 2009 reunion shows at the Virginia arena after a 5-year “breakup,” the fact that Phish was back at Hampton for three nights was enough to push fan excitement for this run to a boiling point.The difference between the ’09 reunion run at Hampton and the ’13 reprisal was apparent as soon as you hit the lot. While the ’09 Hampton lot was flooded with ticketless hopefuls waving fistfuls of cash and a finger in the air, the Hampton 2013 scene was awash with extras. Literal “ticket trees” dotted the lots, with extras tickets tucked under pieces of bark, ripe for the picking.While the demand for Hampton tickets may have flipped from ’09 to ’13, the band’s track record for delivering memorable performances at The Mothership held as true as ever. The first two nights of the run were solid, but the third night, Sunday, October 20th—the show we’ll revisit this evening—blew them both away and set a high bar for the remainder of the year.The band hit the stage with pep in their steps to kick off the show, nailing a string of upbeat selections including “Julius”, “Funky Bitch” (Son Seals), and “Back On The Train”. A hint of exploratory jamming on the always-welcome cover of Ween‘s “Roses Are Free” kept the GA crowd on its toes before the sing-along train kept chugging with “Sample In A Jar”, “Ginseng Sullivan”, and a brief but hearty “46 Days”.The undeniable highlight of set one followed, as the band delivered a sublime rendition of “Divided Sky”. Though played to virtual perfection, the takeaway from this version of the classic Phish composition would be the “pause,” as the entire arena raised their lighters amidst a delirious chorus of cheers. Following a somewhat-unsuccessful fan campaign on various Internet forums to get fans to raise their lighters during setbreak the previous night, the stars finally aligned during this “Divided Sky”. With the idea already planted in fans’ heads, many were quick to meet the composed break in the music with a flame held skyward. Those who hadn’t heard quickly followed suit, leading to a powerful scene to behold. Get a taste below:Phish – “Divided Sky” Pause Lighters at Hampton 2013last_img read more


New psychology research shows how your mindset can alter the way you perceive prospective romantic partners

first_imgShare on Facebook Share on Twitter Pinterest Email To test the effects of a sexy mindset, we conducted three studies in which we first exposed participants either to sexual (but not pornographic) stimuli or to neutral stimuli. Next, the participants encountered a potential partner and rated this partner’s attractiveness and romantic interest in them. Participants’ interest in the partner was self-reported or evaluated by raters.In the first study, participants were randomly paired with an unacquainted participant of the other sex. Then, participants introduced themselves to each other by talking about their hobbies, positive traits, and future career plans while being videotaped. The videotaped introductions were coded for non-verbal expressions of immediacy behavior that convey interest in initiating romantic relationships (e.g., close physical proximity, frequent eye contact, flashing smiles). We found that exposure to a sexual stimulus (versus a neutral stimulus) led participants to exhibit more immediacy behavior toward a potential partner and to perceive this partner as more attractive and interested in them.In our second study, we wished to control for the potential partner’s attractiveness and reactions. Accordingly, all participants watched the same prerecorded video introduction of a potential partner of the other sex and introduced themselves to this partner while being videotaped. These videotapes were coded for expressions of attempts to induce a favorable impression (e.g., flashing smiles and presenting oneself as a valued partner), which are typically exhibited in a dating context and are aimed at attracting desired partners. As in Study 1, we found that activation of the sexual system led participants to perceive potential partners as more attractive as well as more interested in a romantic relationship.In the third study, we investigated whether participants’ romantic interest in the other participant might explain why sexual activation affects perceptions of others’ romantic interest in oneself. To do so, participants interacted online with another participant, who in reality was an attractive opposite-sex member of the research team, in a “get to know each other” conversation. Then, participants rated their romantic interest in the other participant as well as the other participant’s attractiveness and interest in them.We revealed that sexual activation increased participants’ romantic interest in the other participant, which, in turn, predicted perceiving the other participant as more interested in oneself. Having active sexual thoughts apparently arouses romantic interest in a prospective partner and thereby encourages the adoption of an optimistic outlook on one’s courting prospects with this partner.Overall, our research demonstrates that people are more likely to desire potential partners and to project their desires onto them when sexually aroused, such that a sexually tinged mindset renders these partners appealing and seemingly romantically interested in them.These findings suggest that the sexual system prepares the ground for relationship formation by biasing interpersonal perceptions in a way that motivates human beings to connect; it does so by inspiring interest in potential partners, which, in turn, biases the perceptions of partners’ interest in oneself. This cascade of reactions may help allay rejection fears and thereby reduce the costly likelihood of missing desirable mating opportunities.The study, “Seeing what you want to see: Sexual activation makes potential partners seem more appealing and romantically interested“, was authored by Gurit E. Birnbaum, Mor Iluz, Einat Plotkin, Lihi Tibi, Ronit Hematian, Moran Mizrahi, and Harry T. Reis.(Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay)center_img LinkedIn A successful pursuit of mating partners depends on targeting potential partners who are not only perceived as desirable, but also as partners who will reciprocate one’s advances. To be sure, people often refrain from courting desired prospective partners because of the fear of being rejected by them. An optimistic outlook on one’s courting prospects may therefore play a key role in the decision to approach a potential partner. Such optimism often reflects the perceptions that a partner is more interested in oneself than is actually the case. This biased perception may instill the confidence people need to set aside rejection worries and to pursue the desired partner.In our recent research, we proposed that activating the sexual system by exposing people to sexual cues that create a sexy mindset might motivate them to take a leap of faith needed to pursue a romantic relationship. The motivation to have sex may apparently produce a type of tunnel vision that produces a sense of urgency for relationship/sexual initiation while marginalizing other concerns, such as protecting oneself from being hurt.Past research has indeed demonstrated that following activating the sexual system, people tend to behave in ways that help them become close to a stranger, such as disclosing personal information or being responsive to this stranger’s needs. In the present research, we extended these findings by focusing on the step that precedes relationship initiation, investigating the hypothesis that sexual activation would increase one’s interest in a potential partner and the perceptions of this partner’s attractiveness and interest in oneself. Sharelast_img read more


Corridor X in 35 h

first_imgEUROPE: Headed by two gleaming black locomotives, the Bosphorus Europe Express pulled into the Halkal? Container Terminal in Istanbul’s western suburbs on the evening of March 17, just 35 h after setting out from Ljubljana at 08.30 on the morning of March 16.The record-breaking container train was organised by the Balkan Business Advisory Council in association with five state-railways, SŽ in Slovenia, HZ in Croatia, ZS in Serbia, BDZ in Bulgaria and TCDD in Turkey. The project was intended to demonstrate the potential for rail operations on Trans-European Corridor X, with a target journey time for the 1 577 km of 37 h, compared to the current typical timing of around 60 h. Technical support for the project was provided by DB, with strong personal backing from its Chairman Hartmut Mehdorn. The train was double-headed by two locomotives provided by München-based leasing company MRCE Dispolok GmbH, in the form of a Siemens Eurosprinter ES64 F4 four-system electric loco to run on the 3 kV DC and 25 kV 50 Hz systems and a Eurorunner ER20 diesel for the non-electrified sections in Serbia and Bulgaria.Our correspondent reports that bureaucratic problems in Croatia, along with objections from the the train drivers workers union, meant that the train had to be hauled by HZ 1141 electric, with ES64F4 and ER20 dead in tow. But even this was not allowed to delay the rapid progress.With only Slovenia and Bulgaria being EU member states, border crossings were expected to prove a problem, but aAgreements with the customs authorities helped to keep the delays at the border crossings down to a maximum of 30 min required for technical formalities and brake tests.Being a promotional train, the Bosphorous Europe Express was given maximum priority throughout the journey, unlike the average freight train. According to MRCE Managing Director Dirk Steffes, the trial demonstrated that ‘the train is twice as fast as the lorry’ which takes between 48 h and 57 h to cover the same route.last_img read more


Cloud Computing Storage: Big Data Drives the Cloud Storage Increases

first_imgVillars said that “Big Data developments will be perhaps the most critical new marketplace for storage solutions providers in the coming decade.  Providing a strong portfolio of complete Big Data solutions — hardware, software, and implementation services — will be a high priority to succeed.  Similarly, a strong portfolio of active archival storage solutions will be a critical differentiator for private content/archive cloud deployments.” More efficient delivery of data/information to internet-based users of applications.Lowers infrastructure investment costsEvens-out the responsiveness of applications that have unpredictable workloadsDistributes the cost of long-term archival of informationEnables near-continuous, real-time analysis of Big Data generated by customers, partners and machines Enterprise IT strategies are under pressure to change, and increasingly the cloud is becoming an important component in revised strategies.  Analysts at IDC expect that Enterprise IT shops will increasingly implement private-cloud solutions.  And often the central component of these cloud solutions is storage.Spending on private-cloud storage is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 28.9 percent from 2010 to 2015. At that rate, private-cloud storage will triple by 2015.  That’s huge compared to the growth of on-premise storage which is growing currently at about 4 percent annually.  The report notes that while revenues for cloud services will see huge growth over the next four years, the amount of money that public and private cloud providers will be required to spend is equally huge.  Private and Public cloud providers are expected to be two of the biggest spenders on IT products over the next four years.The IDC report, authored by Richard Villars, vice president of Storage and IT Executive Strategies at IDC, says that much of what is driving that growth of cloud-based storage are the demands of “big data“.Villars said that “the emergence of the ‘cloud’ as an alternative for information services delivery will continue to be one of the most important developments in the evolution of the IT market. The storage industry has the potential to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this trend, but suppliers must balance growing demands from cloud customers for low-cost hardware while boosting demand for advanced software solutions in areas such as object-based storage, automated data tiering, Big Data processing, and advanced archiving services.”The IDC report cites five main reasons why enterprises are favoring cloud-based over on-premise storage solutions:last_img read more


IM Versus DM: Joint Uses Your Twitter Social Graph to Build a Better Chat Client

first_imgTwitter has no doubt changed how we think about real-time messaging. Twitter has given users a new platform upon which to “chat” – through posting messages, through targeted, but public @-messages and through private DMs. But “chat” doesn’t quite describe what people do on Twitter. And no doubt, Twitter doesn’t quite work seamlessly as a traditional chat client. There’s the character limitation, of course. There’re the restrictions on DMing those who don’t follow you. And if you have email notifications set up, there’s the annoying influx in your inbox when you try to hold a conversation via direct message.A new service launching today aims to leverage your Twitter network in order to build a better instant messaging platform. Joint lets you chat with those in your Twitter network – but it doesn’t use Twitter to do so.Via a downloadable Adobe Air app, Joint users will be able to have both one-to-one and group chats and connect in real-time – unrestrained by the 140 character limit – with those in and beyond their Twitter friends list.To IM someone via Joint, you can send them a message – either through an @-message or through a DM – asking that person to join you on Joint. That message includes a link that, once the Joint client is downloaded, will open to a one-to-one chat. Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Real-Time Web#web A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Related Posts Similarly, Joint allows you to create chat rooms so that you can have instant-messaging capabilities with groups of people as well. These rooms can be either public or private. The chat rooms do not persist – in other words, once the last person logs out of Joint, the room will disappear. However, each user does have a permanent web address linked to their account, so that others can find which room(s) they’re currently in.Joint believes that this new tool could be utilized by brands and community managers in order to have real-time conversations with users outside the Twitter stream. This could be either on a one-to-one level for problem resolution or a large-scale chat room. But there may be any number of reasons why people might want to take their Twitter network and leveraging those social connections, have conversations elsewhere.You can download the Joint client here and give it a whirl. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market audrey watterslast_img read more


9 months agoTottenham winger Son desperate for Man Utd scalp before Asian Cup

first_imgTottenham winger Son desperate for Man Utd scalp before Asian Cupby Freddie Taylor9 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveHeung min-Son wants to leave Tottenham Hotspur on a high by beating Manchester United on Sunday.The lively winger will travel to the UAE after the game in order to link up with his South Korea teammates, who are currently competing in the Asian Cup.Son could miss as many as five games for Spurs and he wants to make sure he gets an important win over United in his last appearance.”It’s not easy for me to leave the team at this important time,” Son told Sky Sports.”I feel very sad and sorry but I want to win this game and go with confidence to Dubai.”To play for your country is always a proud moment, but it’s tough for me having missed one month of the season already.”I want to go with three points, with confidence to Dubai.” About the authorFreddie TaylorShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more


a month agoLiverpool boss Klopp wary asking too much from Keita

first_imgAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Liverpool boss Klopp wary asking too much from Keitaby Paul Vegasa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is wary of asking too much from Naby Keita.The Guinea international made his first competitive appearance for the Reds since the Champions League semi-final in Barcelona on May 1 when he played just over an hour in the 2-0 win at Stadium MK on Wednesday night.”It is very important [to keep him fit],” Klopp said. “Pep needed to remind that it was agreed with me before the game that he should only play 60 minutes. So we took him off when it looked like he could go longer in that game.“So we have to be really sensitive in that situation because, obviously, [the injury] came all of a sudden. He was injured in the summer break during the African Cup of Nations and then came back and he was injured again.”So we have to be really careful. It’s a similar situation to Alisson but the team is doing so well there is no rush to bring him in.” last_img read more


Trump says he wont let right to bear arms be under siege

first_imgDALLAS – Months after the horror of the Parkland school shootings in Florida, President Donald Trump stood before cheering members of the National Rifle Association and urged them to elect more Republicans to Congress to defend gun rights.Trump claimed that Democrats want to “outlaw guns” and said if the nation takes that drastic step, it might as well ban all vans and trucks because they are the new weapons for “maniac terrorists.”“We will never give up our freedom. We will live free and we will die free,” Trump said Friday as he tried to rally pro-gun voters for the 2018 congressional elections. “We’ve got to do great in ’18.”Activists energized by shootings at schools, churches and elsewhere are also focused on those elections.In the aftermath of the February school shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which left 17 dead and many more wounded, Trump had temporarily strayed from gun rights dogma.During a televised gun meeting with lawmakers in late February, he wagged his finger at a Republican senator and scolded him for being “afraid of the NRA,” declaring that he would stand up to the group and finally get results in quelling gun violence. But he later backpedaled on that tough talk.He was clearly back in the fold at the NRA’s annual convention, pledging that Americans’ Second Amendment right to bear arms will “never ever be under siege as long as I am your president.”Trump briefly referenced the Parkland shootings in his speech, saying that he “mourned for the victims and their families” and noting that he signed a spending bill that included provisions to strengthen the federal background check system for gun purchases as well as add money to improve school safety.He also repeated his strong support for “letting highly trained teachers carry concealed weapons.”Trump’s speech in Dallas was his fourth consecutive appearance at the NRA’s annual convention. His gun comments were woven into a campaign-style speech that touched on the Russia probe, the 2016 campaign, his efforts in North Korea and Iran and his fight against illegal immigration.In strikingly personal criticism of members of Congress, he decried what he said were terribly weak immigration laws, declaring, “We have laws that were written by people that truly could not love our country.”While the president veered wildly off topic at times — speaking about entertainer Kanye West’s recent support and former Secretary of State John Kerry’s bicycle accident three years ago — he repeatedly returned to the message of the day: his support for the Second Amendment.Trump said some political advisers had told him attending the NRA convention might be controversial, but, “You know what I said? ‘Bye, bye, gotta get on the plane.’”Trump has long enjoyed strong backing from the NRA, which spent about $30 million in support of his presidential campaign. He was introduced by Vice-President Mike Pence, who pointed to his own support for gun rights and accused the news media of failing to tell “the whole story” that “firearms in the hands of law-abiding citizens” make communities safer.One of the Parkland student survivors, David Hogg, criticized Trump’s appearance in advance.“It’s kind of hypocritical of him to go there after saying so many politicians bow to the NRA and are owned by them,” Hogg said. “It proves that his heart and his wallet are in the same place.”Back in February, Trump had praised members of the gun lobby as “great patriots” but declared “that doesn’t mean we have to agree on everything. It doesn’t make sense that I have to wait until I’m 21 to get a handgun, but I can get this weapon at 18.” He was referring to the AR-15 the Parkland shooting suspect is accused of using.Those words rattled some Republicans in Congress and sparked hope among gun-control advocates that, unlike after previous mass shootings, tougher regulations might be enacted.But after expressing interest in increasing the minimum age to purchase an assault weapon to 21, Trump later declared there was “not much political support” for that. He then pushed off the issue of age restrictions by assigning it to a commission.Gabrielle Giffords, the former Arizona congresswoman who was shot outside a grocery store during a constituent gathering in 2011, said Trump had “allowed his presidency to be hijacked by gun lobbyists and campaign dollars.” She said Trump had “ignored the pleas of young people demanding safer gun laws.”___Associated Press writer Ken Thomas in Washington contributed.last_img read more


We are doing the right thing Protesters dig in at antipipeline camp

first_imgBURNABY, B.C. – Protesters at an anti-pipeline camp in Burnaby, B.C., say they are ready to defy an eviction notice handed out from the city.The City of Burnaby issued a 72-hour notice to those occupying “Camp Cloud” on Wednesday, but protesters said in a news release issued Friday that three days wasn’t enough time to comply with concerns raised over safety.The release says Camp Cloud will not be evicted and that the notice was wrongly issued, without adequate consideration of a recent court decision or consultation with camp residents.The B.C. Supreme Court ruled in March that both the camp and a nearby watch house could remain in place in response to a court injunction filed by Kinder Morgan Canada Ltd., the company behind the Trans Mountain expansion project.“We are doing the right thing, raising awareness about the collectively deadly impacts of the pipeline,” camp resident Elauna Boutwell said in the Friday release.Demonstrators are angry over the expansion of the pipeline between Alberta and B.C. that would triple its capacity to carry bitumen destined for export. In May, the federal government announced it would buy the pipeline in an effort to see the expansion completed.The city issued the eviction notice because there are concerns about safety and how the footprint of the site has grown to include a two-storey house and showers, city manager Lambert Chu has said.Chu said Friday the city is discussing legal options, but he wouldn’t say which options are on the table.“If the compliance order is not met, then we will take the appropriate actions within the rule of law … to proceed with removal of the illegal structures and facilities, because they have to go,” he said.The city hopes the campers will pack up on Saturday, but at the same time it respects their right to protest, said Chu.“We have to balance all these things. We don’t want to handle it in a very confrontational way.”City staff have been in contact with the protesters and as of Friday have set up a meeting with them, he added.Protesters say the evacuation notice has a list of demands, including removing their sacred ceremonial fire and all the dwellings they need in order to continue their work.“If we want fewer forest fires in the future due to global warming and fossil-fuelled climate destabilization, we need to protect this sacred fire and all that it represents,” the release said.The notice is set to expire Saturday morning, and instead of moving out, protesters say they’ll hold a news conference to relay their side of the story.Companies in this story: (TSX:KML)last_img read more


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