Mind Rocks 2017 Bhopal: Players in our time were different than they are now, says Mohammad Azharuddin

first_imgFormer Indian cricket team captain, Mohammad Azhaurddin shared some incidents from his career in cricket:These days we conduct a YOYO test for fitness, which has different type of drill which you have to pass. I feel if one is good in cricket and a little less in fitness should be accepted.WATCH FULL VIDEODo you see Sachin in Virat?Virat Kohli is a big player and comparing any player with someone else is really difficult, Sachin had his own aura and so did Sunil Gavaskar in his time. Virat has a different style of playing and planning, it would be no surprise if in the later run he breaks Sachin’s record also.”Players in our time were different than they are now”The debut match:I wasn’t even sure whether I’ll play the match or not. I used to play in place of Sandeep Patil. I was very happy on being selected for the match. I was happy to be playing on the same field on which I have played before while competing for school.Got a phone call from Rajiv Gandhi, and from all the way from the field I was sent to attend his call here he appreciated my work and game. Appreciation plays an important role in improving one’s game and every player should receive enough appreciation.It is very important to work hard it takes time but what hard work gives you no other skill can. Don’t force yourself into one thing, you must identify your talents and then work upon your career.advertisementIt is very easy to identify your talents but can take time and patience, There is a notable improvement in one’s game if you start playing, if you cant see that happening then the game is not meant for you.I always have a positive attitude about my team because that feeling of patriotism is very important and that motivates us to play better in every match.Happiest moment of my lifeMy happiest moment is life is to being born to m parents because the way my parents and grandparents have nurtured me, not every child gets that.last_img read more


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