How to meet the requirements of the site selection of Shanghai Longfeng space


two, can provide the space of the trial service

even a space business website was introduced on the as if it were raining flowers but we still do not know, whether the company’s Web site space stability, speed is fast enough. At this time, we should try to choose those who can provide space for taking 3-7 day trial, so that we can better determine the space air quality.

is the search engine spiders to crawl the web log on our website is the most direct manifestation. It should be said that the most important a log in Shanghai dragon in the process, of course, this also shows that a Shanghai dragon must have a web log analysis. For example, the spider grab us which page, whether capture success, log also can reflect whether our space is stable, if we log in the emergence of a large number of such as: 404, 500, 503, so that the space is not particularly stable, the space is quite unfavorable to us for Shanghai dragon. read more


On line 2 green construction theory of the chain

we need to have a clear idea of the chain of love Shanghai to fight outside the chain type and what we can do is to avoid the type of attack, and can enhance the site’s weight. This process requires a lot of analyses and tests, suggested that friends may wish to stop doing business in Shanghai after the next love update using a webmaster tools outside the chain of detection, see those still in the type, number and distribution of the home page of the website chain, learn about.


in the next Shanghai dragon operation, we need to do is 70% for the station such as the spider crawling optimization path specification, URL writing, labels and other subtle aspects of the station. External links construction can be said is a difficult but useful method, need the chain analysis on the home site after stable imitation, further increase the strength to transcend. read more


On site URL actually needs static

1, Google is fully capable of grasping the dynamic web site, and many questions are not a problem;

card, the traditional Shanghai dragon concept is to subvert the world. What URL should be static or dynamic? Don’t worry, and to see their point of view: Google

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er seems to have a consensus: URL website must need staticize. The author from the major online training site search Shanghai Longfeng information also said that static URL is an important indicator of website optimization. read more


Website optimization Shanghai dragon with three kinds of ability of mind

third, strong executive ability of

can be said that the Shanghai Dragon don’t mind if you, impetuous, impetuous attitude, is to do well the Shanghai dragon. Why do you say. Because, sometimes, do Shanghai dragon is the lack of mentality, lack is let you feel the details of his. Now a lot of people, perhaps with the structure of urban life is speeding up, the heart also become impetuous, this is actually very good. Shanghai dragon must have a good attitude, a good attitude in order to do things. So now I first to sum up the three Shanghai dragon mentality. read more


The site found that the site is shrinking outreach outreach excellence

The following author

with the passage of time Shanghai Dragon technology is mature, Shanghai dragon competition is increasingly intense, improving the search engine algorithm for Shanghai dragon ER may play an increasingly small space, as long as a little before outreach and content sites will get a good ranking but although we work hard but the web site in the search engine the performance often lead people to be disappointed with the current search engine is more and more pay attention to the details of the site optimization, we Shanghai dragon Er is also facing many brains, calculation method of search engine, each algorithm we have to be careful of Shanghai dragon Er is really vulnerable. read more


How to give their own value-added products is not only the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

first of all, to have the basic quality of large website optimization macro thinking, a few articles, for a few friends of the chain, the chain for Shanghai dragon is not a simple thing, but we on the site of a future development direction of the entire site, the soul is what we can and must go to and from a website keyword selection strategy to page keywords deployed to the URL design principles and norms to regulate the website internal links to tag tags, pictures label, site map, site search, website article editing mode, 404 page production, traffic statistics tool installation and data analysis (this is very late important!), so we can accomplish the whole website internal construction. And then to design a site outside, it is our hands first have good cards, then now is the time to play out, for the Links is every large website or portal are indispensable, and then try to find high quality platform to leave their site’s footprint, personal feeling better way soft Wen (small PS, Shanghai Dragon Hu is made up of the soft feel), there are better ways, such as the gaming industry to the major media of the game to send the game open service station, Raiders and other news media, the way to leave your site, in many ways I will not enumerate. Share a personal feel pretty good figure: read more


The site came right after the webmaster how to deal with

first, love Shanghai according to the data error correction we here do not speak, like today, there are a lot of friends are snapshots of the file, but his site was built in 3 months, the lack of display is the 09 year of the snapshot, and once happened in 1996, so this love Shanghai data is not normal, not in our range of discussion.

1, is a snapshot drop right? The answer is not to drop right, but many friends said that snapshot should belong to the right down, snapshot is often accompanied by the correction, specifically how to do that read more


The search engines don’t care you care more about the garbage

search engines don’t

to all users

Users of

often see some sites in Shanghai dragon Er on some search engine optimization is attempted, "why do I often complain about the search engine website" "my website and reduce many, and they always used the constantly changing due to the search engine"". These people but few people stop to think about it, delete included page whether there are duplicate content, whether it is spam.

ER and the webmaster and dealing with a search engine, we must first understand, you are not you, do not directly affect the goal of search engine. So, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization will need to hold a peace of mind, everything to eggs. read more


What kind of URL is most suitable for the website of Shanghai Dragon

. Here refers to two aspects, the first is the length of the domain name we. For this, is more likely to consider user experience point of view, the search engine itself affect is not very big. Engage in investment domain why those numbers.

online is also a part of information said the reason is because the static URL with reduced URL similarity. How to understand this as a site of URLwww.xxx贵族宝贝/product.asp? Id=10 this is a product page link, then the path of the next second product is likely to be? Id=11, so relative to the two paths is not the similarity is very high but is a digital. For online mall optimization, product page itself has a very high similarity problem. It is not likely that the address is search engines ignore. read more


Zhao Baolin learning twists Shanghai dragon a year


is the first site is a failure, because with the learning of Shanghai Longfeng knowledge more and more widely, found themselves in this blog there is a big problem, it is not because I choose to choose keywords, keyword competition is too large, there are a lot of students, but also have to love Shanghai home, feel impossible then the optimization is up, so I gave up this station. Keywords after looking for a little competition, so do a mobile phone Taobao guest website, this website a few keywords competition is not large, not what people do, love Shanghai index is almost the same, are more than 200 of the index, I spent more than 2 months time all keywords are optimized to Shanghai love home, a week after Taobao finally saw off the income of 27 yuan, which is a single mobile phone sales commission, although not much, but was very excited, his 2 months of efforts have not been in vain! See income, dry strength is greater, the continuous optimization of the site this site, IP peaked at about 500IP, but the conversion rate is not very high, every day one or two single. Can have a stable website ranking good times don’t last long, about a month, and suddenly it was down the right, all rankings are not, I worried, asked how this is going on, they say a lot of websites have been right down, say love Shanghai convulsions, adhere to the update site, over time ranking will come back I was skeptical, but, to optimize it, there is no other way. A week after the ranking really came back, I really love the sea is hilarious, but this mess convulsions! Not the end, this site can be said to be a " read more


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