Diablo III for PS3 available to preorder in Germany

first_imgThe scramble by gamers to secure a copy of Diablo III on PC and complete it as quickly as possible has finally started to die down. Blizzard is now coping with server demand that made for a difficult launch day, meaning anyone still waiting to pick up the game is probably now safe to do so. That’s if you own a PC or Mac that can handle it.Whether Blizzard has plans to take the game to console platforms has yet to be officially confirmed, but it hasn’t stopped a German online retailer listing the game for pre-order on PS3.According to the listing, the game will be launched this year and will have support for Battle.net. That means we could see multiplayer make the transition over to the console version. However, whether a constant connection will be required to play through single-player is unknown. It seems unlikely due to this being a console, which is a bit more protected from piracy than the PC.Of course, a single listing on a German games store could be a mistake. It’s also surprising that an equivalent Xbox 360 listing hasn’t appeared. Sony would of course love to get a console exclusive for Diablo III, and if they have managed to secure one it’s a major score for the PS3.Until Blizzard announce the game for console/s we remain skeptical. This listing could be a mistake, but then why would the store go to the trouble of creating the page if they didn’t genuinely believe the game was landing on PS3 this year?More at redcoon (translated), via Eurogamer.netlast_img

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